AirTalk for September 11, 2012

New York City Commemorates 10th Anniversary Of 9-11 Terror Attacks

How should we commemorate the 9/11 tragedy in America?

As more time passes since September 11, 2001, the United States has shown an increasing amount of perspectives for the significant date.
President Obama Speaks On Homeland Security's Announcement About Deportations
Finding a way to provide Los Angeles’ large undocumented immigrant population with some kind of government identification card has led city officials to consider an innovative solution.
Deasy talks teacher evaluations
L.A. Unified is set to vote on a proposal by board member Steve Zimmer that aims to exclude student test scores from individual teacher evaluations.

Legal battles over voter rules heat up in Ohio and Pennsylvania

One of the recurring themes of the 2012 election season has been the debate over voter fraud and its existence.

The case for modern secularism in America

Religion has become a major front in the American culture war.
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