AirTalk for September 17, 2012

Cal State may warn applicants of Prop 30 fallout

Should the Cal State system be allowed to send applicants a warning that eligibility for classes will be affected if Prop 30 doesn't pass in November?
Mitt Romney Addresses NALEO 29th Annual Conference In Florida
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will speak at the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s (USHCC) 33rd Annual National Convention in downtown Los Angeles today, but the GOP hopeful won’t skate by without provoking protest from critics.

Do good things come to those who wait?

What difference does a second make? According to Frank Partnoy, it could change everything.

California’s DNA collection process goes on trial

Proponents of warrantless swabbing of the cheek with a q-tip call it an integral part of the justice process, but critics say it is nothing more than the 21st Century’s equivalent of fingerprints.

Is Romney’s tax plan really 'revenue neutral?'

Mitt Romney’s proposed tax plan has long been under scrutiny by Democrats, but now Republicans are splitting hairs as well.

Naomi Wolf links female consciousness with the vagina

Life was smooth sailing for bestselling author Naomi Wolf in the Spring of 2009 until she began to notice a considerable decline of orgasmic sensation during sex.
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