AirTalk for September 18, 2012

In Profile: 100 Years In US Presidential Races
Mother Jones has released the full video of GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's controversial comments made at a fundraiser in May.
Truckers Go To Court Over LA Port's Clean Trucks Program

Do Calif. air pollution laws put truckers out of business?

Trucking industry representatives head to Washington on Thursday to ask the EPA to ease state air quality regulations.
Two days ago, anti-American violence erupted in Kabul as militant branches of Islam protested the inflammatory “Innocence of Muslims” video. And yesterday, twelve people were killed, mostly foreign air charter workers, when a suicide car bomber targeted a minivan near Kabul International Airport.

Syrian conflict provokes Mideast diplomatic reaction

Yesterday [MON], the United Nations released a report of its investigation into the Syrian conflict. After last month’s declaration that both the government and the rebels have been committing war crimes, the investigators have now concluded that the situation is growing exponentially worse.
car chase
A wave of car chases throughout Southern California has caused the police force to disparage the way media outlets handle coverage of chases, stating that live coverage from the scene of chases does little but exacerbate the problem.
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