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New polls show Obama gaining ground in swing states

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With a month and a half left before the presidential election, new polls are showing President Barack Obama is widening his lead over Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Analysts are pointing to a post -convention bump along with some gaffes made by Mr. Romney as to why the President is gaining support.

According to a new CBS/New York Times poll, the president is reportedly holding a 3 to 5 percent lead in swing states such as Virginia and Wisconsin, which hold crucial electoral college votes.

Conversely, the most recent Rasmussen Reports daily poll suggests Romney has taken the lead in some swing states including New Hampshire and is eking out a 1 percent lead against the incumbent president. There has also been speculation that the former governor of Massachusetts could win the popular vote, but fail to win in the electoral college.

With so many polls being published on a weekly basis, which ones should we believe? Does one poll have more credibility than another? What does this all mean come November?


Dan Schnur, Director of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics at USC and adjunct faculty at USC Annenberg School

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