AirTalk for September 25, 2012


President Obama addresses the U.N. General Assembly

President Barack Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly today, focusing mainly on the fallout of anti-American attacks in Egypt and Libya.
Technology has revolutionized the ongoing war on terrorism and created new problems for American policymakers.

Living the teeny tiny life in San Francisco

“My apartment is so small...I have to go out in the hall to change my mind!” It’s no joke -- a newly built apartment building in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood boasts pre-fab mini-units of 300 square feet.

Are Californians really bailing on the Golden State?

A new study by the conservative Manhattan Institute says that Californians are leaving the state in droves in search of cheaper living conditions and a more favorable business climate.

Dave Tomar on how he made a living helping college kids cheat

Dave Tomar was a cheater… or at least he helped cheaters cheat.
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