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Election 2012: Swing state polls and the GOP battle for the Senate

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Republican U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney arrives at a campaign rally at Westerville South High School September 26, 2012 in Westerville, Ohio. Romney continued his two-day "Romney Plan For A Stronger Middle Class" bus tour in the state of Ohio. Alex Wong/Getty Images

Time is running out for both presidential candidates to make their case to voters before Election Day. And where are they concentrating their time, money and efforts? You guessed it, in the swing states. We’ll take a look at several polls from states such as Ohio, Florida and Virginia and see how things are shaking out for President Obama and Governor Romney.

But it’s not just about the guys at the top of the ticket. There’s also a heated battle going on for majority control of the Senate between Republicans and Democrats. With Obama’s low approval rating a few months ago, it seemed a very realistic lock for Republicans to come out on top by winning only four seats, or three if Romney won and could use Paul Ryan as a tie-breaking vote.

However, as Romney continues to falter on the national stage, it seems that Senate candidates will have to make up the lost ground on their own. Unfortunately for the GOP, some of their politicians are simply not cutting the mustard. Whether it be Todd Akin’s gaffe in Missouri allowing Claire McCaskill to regain a lead in the polls, or Elizabeth Warren’s Democratic convention speech which is propelling her ahead of Scott Brown, the Republicans could be in serious trouble.

How is the GOP addressing this apparent problem? Is there anything the Mitt Romney campaign can do to help? What would it mean for Republicans on the whole if they lose the Senate and the presidency? Karl Rove is putting out the effort to raise money for these beleaguered GOP candidates via an infamous “money bomb.” Will it work?


Sarah Dutton, director of surveys for CBS News

Mark Barabak, national political writer, Los Angeles Times

Jonathan Collegio, Communications Director, American Crossroads, a conservative Super PAC affiliated with Karl Rove

Chris Lehane, democratic political consultant and partner in the strategic communications firm Fabiani & Lehane

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