AirTalk for October 2, 2012

Democrats Court Latino Vote At Mexican Independence Celebration

How powerful is the Latino vote?

A recent report from the Pew Hispanic Center shows that Latino voter eligibility has risen 22 percent since 2008. What's the impact on the November election?
Jerry Brown Reveals Revised California Budget Proposal

The pros and cons of Proposition 31

Proposition 31 is an effort on behalf of the political organization California Forward to “bring accountability and transparency” to the state.
Halloween Brings Out Trick-Or-Treaters, Young And Old
Less than a month after the city of Simi Valley approved restrictions of registered sex offenders’ Halloween activities, it has been sued for allegedly violating the first amendment rights of convicted sex criminals and their families.
Sea Life Aquarium Presstour

Do undersea seismic tests threaten marine life?

One controversial technique involves the use of high-decibel air cannons to create detailed three dimensional images of submarine fault zones but the practice has environmental groups up in arms.
Los Angeles suburbs with cul-de-sacs surrounded by freeways

Is urban sprawl to blame for cities going bankrupt?

Former Ventura mayor William Fulton says that large public pensions aren't solely to blame for California city bankruptcies. Urban sprawl poses additional problems.
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