AirTalk for October 4, 2012

Romney outshines Obama in first presidential debate

In Denver last night, presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney squared off in the first of three debates.
warsaw waving a rainbow flag

Is banning gay conversion therapy legal?

On Sunday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that bans ‘conversion therapy’, a controversial practice intended to change the sexual orientation of homosexual minors.
This November, California voters face another choice that would reform campaign finance in the bill Proposition 32 - the "Paycheck Protection" Initiative.
Los Angeles Dodgers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
For Los Angeles baseball fans, there is always next year.
Fox's "Take Me Out" Speed Dating Event

The Game: Does the pickup artist's playbook still work?

Do you know what an HB 10 is? Have you negged your way to a kiss close? Do you have any idea what these terms mean? If not, than you may be completely unaware of an entire community of codes, strategies and systems for men to connect with women.
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