AirTalk for October 5, 2012

FilmWeek: Frankenweenie, Taken 2, The Paperboy, Looper and more



Actor Liam Neeson poses for a photo before a press conference to promote his film 'Taken 2' in Seoul

FilmWeek: Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Andy Klein, Henry Sheehan and Charles Solomon to discuss this week’s new films, including Frankenweenie, Taken 2, The Paperboy and more. Plus, we turn on our flux capacitor so our resident time travel expert, Andy Klein, can review last week’s Looper. TGI-FilmWeek!


Andy Klein, film critic for KPCC and the L.A. Times Community Papers chain

Henry Sheehan, film critic for KPCC and

Charles Solomon, animation critic and historian for KPCC, author for

Trailer for Taken 2

Trailer for Frankenweenie

Trailer for The Paperboy

Trailer for Looper

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