AirTalk for October 8, 2012

Republican Candidate Mitt Romney Gives Foreign Policy Speech

Romney presses reset on foreign policy

Mitt Romney gave a foreign policy speech today in an attempt to reset his foreign credentials for the presidential race.
Obama For America "30 Days To Victory" Fundraising Concert In Los Angeles
The Obama campaign reportedly raised more money last month than any other campaign in this election cycle.
Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders

Sports fans love to hate

Whether it’s the Giants and the Dodgers, Raiders and the Broncos, or Duke and North Carolina, rivalries are a treasured part of sports.

The search for Richard III’s skeleton

For centuries after the Battle of Bosworth Field and the end of the War of the Roses, the slain body of King Richard III went missing after a hasty burial.
This picture taken on December 10, 2010

Who deserves a Nobel Prize?

Sports fans have the Olympics and the Superbowl; film buffs have the Oscars, music lovers the Grammys. But for the followers of dark matter, single-molecule spectroscopy and nuclear hormone receptors, Nobel Prize week is the most exciting time of the year.
Websites reflected in girls eye
As social media sites like Facebook become increasingly popular, our social lives are becoming increasingly digital. Does that effect our physical well-being?
Gender discrimination became legally prohibited following the 1964 Civil Rights Act, but that didn’t (and doesn’t) mean that such mistreatment was eradicated.
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