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KPCC reporter Frank Stoltze dips into voter issues at Philippe’s downtown

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Philippe the Original, 1001 North Alameda Street, Los Angeles 90012. Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr Creative Commons

KPCC's political reporter Frank Stoltze has been at Philippe’s restaurant in downtown Los Angeles all morning talking with a variety of voters about the upcoming election. We’ll check in with Frank to find out just what he discovered in the process, beyond the pickled eggs and copious quantities of coffee.

Frank’s café stop is part of a new online project called That’s My Issue, in which KPCC and WNYC are gathering stories about how voters came to care about the issues that matter to them. How engaged are you in this year’s big election? What issues are most important to you? Do you know your props and representatives?


Frank Stoltze, KPCC Reporter

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