AirTalk for October 17, 2012


Obama brings his “A” game to second presidential debate

Round one of the series of presidential debates went to Mitt Romney, with President Barack Obama delivering a lackluster and disappointing performance. But the general consensus on last night’s rematch is that both candidates were on their game.
Prop 30 and 38

Prop 30 vs Prop 38: What’s best for California schools?

One of the most heated contests in this November’s election is between two prominent Californians who aren’t running for anything.
Street vendors are appealing to the community for support in legalizing the sale of food like bacon-wrapped hotdogs and fresh fruit on L.A. streets.
California Republic flag in front of the Union Station Rail Transit in the city of Los Angeles, California

Can California pay for schools without raising taxes?

Now that we’ve debated Propositions 30 and 38, a pair of competing tax initiatives that would restructure the way California’s tax structure pays for its education system, let’s take a step back and examine the common link between both initiatives.
Two major points of contention during last night’s presidential debate were the divergence between the two opponents’ tax policies and plans to increase employment. Some experts criticize President Barack Obama for exaggerating the benefits of taxing the wealthy, while others say Mitt Romney’s numbers simply do not add up.
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