AirTalk for October 18, 2012

As he campaigns for reelection, President Barack Obama is playing hardball with the GOP. The president is prepared to veto legislation aimed at stopping year-end tax hikes and spending cuts, which are collectively known as the ‘fiscal cliff,’ unless Republicans agree to raise tax rates for the wealthy, according to administration officials.
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Proposition 39: debating ways to tax out of state companies

Prop. 39 would require out-of-state businesses to pay taxes on income made in California. How would it impact California’s business climate?

Sheriff Lee Baca answers criticism over jail violence

Sheriff Baca answers our questions about the events going on in the L.A. County jail system.
Foreclosures Spike As Banks Accelerate Loan Default Notices
Some blockbuster housing numbers were released yesterday, raising the happy possibility that a housing recovery is finally on its way. According to the Census Bureau, housing construction starts rose an impressive 15 percent in September, to their highest rate in four years.
The world watches the bloodshed and governments criticize each other for getting involved or turning a blind eye to daily atrocities.
Social Networking And Blogging Website Twitter
The 2012 presidential debates generated a record number of tweets and Twitter wants to be a companion for everything you watch on TV -- what's next for the site?
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