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Is there a place for erotic films on the silver screen?

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Picture released on January 25, 1978 of Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel staring in the film 'Emmanuelle 2'. AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel, best known for her work in the "Emmanuelle" erotica films, passed away this week.

Kristel became pigeonholed in the erotica film genre, which lies somewhere between R-rated movies and hardcore pornography. Some say the more recent NC-17 rating was developed as a direct result of erotica films.

Today, we’re discussing the titillating and often taboo films in terms of how they fit into the history of cinema and film culture.

Which erotica movies have been the biggest turn ons and which ones were laughably bad? How difficult is it to make high-quality films that are also erotic?


Maitland McDonagh, film critic and author of many books including "The 50 Most Erotic Films of All Time”

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