AirTalk for October 19, 2012

Lately the Boy Scouts of America has been having to put out more fires than it’s been building. The latest media blaze for the over 100-year-old institution is the release of the Boy Scouts Ineligible Volunteer Files.
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The freezing of eggs is one controversial infertility practice that is becoming so commonplace that the American Society of Reproductive Medicine will announce Monday that the technique should no longer be considered “experimental.”
KPCC's Frank Stoltze at Philippe's, one of the last businesses in the country with actual phone booths.
As part of KPCC’s continuing online project That’s My Issue, political reporter Frank Stoltze heads east to Redlands to take voter temperature in the Inland Empire. KPCC and WNYC are gathering stories about how voters came to care about the issues that matter to them. We’ll check in with Frank to find out what he discovered by talking with a variety of voters today.
Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "Alex Cross" - Red Carpet

FilmWeek: Alex Cross, The Sessions, For Ellen and more

Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Henry Sheehan and Wade Major to review the week’s new films, including Alex Cross, The Sessions, For Ellen and more. TGI-FilmWeek!
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Is there a place for erotic films on the silver screen?

Today, we’re discussing the titillating and often taboo erotica films in terms of how they fit into the history of cinema and film culture.
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