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AirTalk for October 22, 2012

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Romney vs. Obama round three: the foreign policy debate

The final presidential debate in the knockdown, drag out fight that is Campaign 2012 is tonight in Boca Raton, Florida. Round three will be a foreign policy discussion hosted by CBS News' Bob Schieffer.

POLL: How much do election endorsements matter to voters?

Presidential endorsements have been coming in from newspapers around the country: The Dallas Morning News has anointed Mitt Romney, while The Philadelphia Inquirer backs Barack Obama.
Rupert Murdoch

Rumors connect media mogul Murdoch to L.A. Times

Media giant Rupert Murdoch may buy both the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, according to recent reports. How would the purchase impact media nationwide?
Cheerleaders at Kountze High School in east Texas can continue to use Biblical phrases on their banners during football games, thanks to an injunction from a State District Judge.

Italian scientists convicted over earthquake warning

Scientists in Italy have been convicted of multiple manslaughter after a 2009 earthquake in L’Aquila killed 309 people. The six Italian scientists and one former government official were accused of providing falsely reassuring statements after initial tremors hit the area.

Salman Khan’s education revolution

In 2004, Sal Khan was a successful hedge fund manager in Boston who had started remotely tutoring his young cousin in New Orleans when the “aha” moment occurred. What started with his young protégé’s need for a little help with her math homework has exploded into called the Khan Academy, now the world’s most popular online learning website with five million unique visitors a month, a million page views a day and over 650 million exercises completed.

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