AirTalk for October 23, 2012


Final presidential debate: it’s all over but the voting

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney face off in another feisty debate last night at Lynn University in Boca Raton. Romney and Obama debated foreign policy, with a heavy focus on relations in the Middle East.
California Voters Head To The Polls For Midterm Elections

Proposition 40 abandoned after court ruling

California voters may feel besieged by the host of campaign wars being waged over next month’s state ballot measures, but the battle over Proposition 40 stopped before it ever started.
Supreme Court To Rule On California's Overcrowded Prisons

Low-tech vs. high tech to stop cell phones in prison

What is the best way to stop cell phones in prisons? Why aren't corrections officers searched?
Serving Spoon

KPCC’s Politics Café at Inglewood’s Serving Spoon

KPCC Reporter Frank Stoltze drops into Inglewood’s Serving Spoon restaurant. With polling day coming soon, what’s your issue?
New Studies Link Sugary Sodas To Obesity Epidemic
Since 2009, five deaths and one heart attack have been linked to Monster energy drinks. How extensive should labeling on highly caffeinated beverages be?
Mercer 19954

Popularity in high school pays off later in life

New research that finds that popular high school students earn more than their freaks and geeks counterparts decades after graduation.
President Obama Campaigns In Florida, Day After Last Presidential Debate

Liberalism reborn?

Is liberalism on its last legs, or about to be reborn? Has either party really figured out who Barack Obama really is?
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