AirTalk for October 24, 2012

The gender gap isn’t closed when it comes to equal pay: a new study of recent graduates shows a demonstrable difference in wages between women and men who are just entering the workforce.
Proposition 34, a measure on the November 6th ballot, would replace California’s death penalty with life without parole. Proponents of the bill say that the switch would save the state tens of millions of dollars every year, and potentially correct unjust racial imbalances in sentencing.
If you happen to come across medical study results that claim a treatment has a “very large effect,” those results are likely either exaggerated or flat out wrong, according to researchers at Stanford University’s School of Medicine.
Echo Park hate crime sticker

Hate crimes in Los Angeles County are up 15 percent

Hate crimes in Los Angeles County are up 15%. What’s your definition of a hate crime? Do you see specific groups or people targeted in LA County?
The Dukes Of September Rhythm Revue Perform At The Gibson Amphitheatre
Donald Fagen of Steely Dan talks about his new album, "Sunken Condos." What makes Donald Fagen and Steely Dan albums so instantly recognizable?
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