AirTalk for October 25, 2012

Anti-War Protesters Rally At Obama Campaign Headquarters

POLL: Americans are feeling foreign policy fatigue

Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney rattled sabers over foreign policy last week on the assumption that it’s a big issue for voters. But is it?
Los Angeles City Council Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
The California Fourth District Court overturned their 2010 conviction of San Diego medical marijuana provider Jovan Jackson, recognizing the right of nonprofit dispensaries to provide medical cannabis to those with prescriptions.
Prop 30 and 38

PPIC and USC Dornslife polls on CA ballot measures

Can’t wait until election day to find out how people feel about California Propositions and ballot initiatives? No problem. There are two new surveys out today from USC and the Public Policy Institute of California.
Time Warner Cable Sportsnet
The 2012-13 NBA Basketball season is quickly approaching for the retooled and star studded Los Angeles Lakers. With the offseason acquisitions of two time MVP Steve Nash and the best center in the game Dwight Howard, Kobe and the Lakers are considered the team to beat in the Western Conference.
Nevada’s population has tripled since 1980 and over two-thirds of the state’s current 2.7 million residents live in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. This is good news for Democrats, who have been registering nearly twice as many voters than Republicans on a monthly basis since January, and although Las Vegas isn’t the capital, Sin City is safely Democrat territory.
Mercer 6157
Should institutions of higher learning be policing extreme religious views, hate speech and unpopular politics? How do you respond to views you disagree with?
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