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Is Tom Cruise libel suit risky business?

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US actor Tom Cruise arrives for the European premiere of the film 'Rock of ages' at the Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square in London, on June 10, 2012. AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Tom Cruise filed a $50 million lawsuit against Life & Style and In Touch Weekly on Wednesday over stories claiming that he ‘abandoned’ his daughter Suri after his divorce from Katie Holmes. Both magazines are published by Bauer Publishing.

A story headlined “Suri in tears, abandoned by her Dad” was printed in Life & Style’s July 30 issue, and In Touch published a cover photo of Suri with a headline reading “Abandoned By Daddy.” To prove that these allegations are false, Cruise may have to open up about his marriage, his daughter, and his religion, all under oath.

This is not the first time that Cruise has sued tabloids. In 1998 he successfully sued the Daily Express, a British tabloid that alleged that his marriage to Nicole Kidman was a ruse to cover up his homosexuality. In 2001 Cruise sued Bold Magazine after it claimed to have a sex tape that would prove that he was gay. That suit was later dropped in exchange for admission that the tape did not exist.

Should Cruise open windows into his personal life to protect his reputation? How significant are gossip magazine rumors to celebrities? To readers?


Royal Oakes, legal analyst, ABC News

Jose Lambiet, Veteran gossip writer and columnist; Publisher,

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