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Election 2012 intensifies in its final day

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Voters prepare to cast their ballots at the North Miami Public Library after standing in line on November 1, 2012 in North Miami, Florida. Voters are complaining about hours long waits in line to cast their ballots and former Florida governor, Charlie Crist, as well as state Democrats, have asked Florida Governor Rick Scott to extend early voting hours for all the state’s counties. Rick Scott authorized a law limiting voting days to 8 from 14. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In the final hours before election day, the Obama and Romney campaigns are making a final push towards victory, holding rallies in key battleground states. Though both candidates’ teams are insisting that they’re set for victory on Tuesday, behind the scenes actions tell a different story.

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Adjustments to early voting hours and processes have the campaigns in a frenzy of get out the vote mania. Although Obama has a lead based on early votes, turnout this year was significantly less than in 2008. Obama and Romney are hurrying to reach the swing states that will decide the election, like Ohio, Florida, and Virginia. Although they’re presenting an optimistic front, both campaigns are lawyered up and ready for a fight over electoral votes.

How will changes to early voting measures impact the election? Do you think the election will be decided on November 6, or do you anticipate post-election legal action?   


Mark Barabak, Political Correspondent, Los Angeles Times

Julie Davis, Political Reporter, Bloomberg News

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