AirTalk for November 5, 2012

Early Voters In Miami Facing Long Lines

Election 2012 intensifies in its final day

In the final hours before election day, the Obama and Romney campaigns are making a final push towards victory, holding rallies in key battleground states. Though both candidates’ teams are insisting that they’re set for victory on Tuesday, behind the scenes actions tell a different story.
California Republic flag in front of the Union Station Rail Transit in the city of Los Angeles, California

What you need to know about California's ballot measures

Do you know which propositions your party is officially supporting? What are your last-minute burning questions about state ballot measures?

OC election roundtable

We’ll take a peek behind the Orange polling booth curtain with our OC roundtable journalists.
Judge's gavel court

Campaign lawyers sharpen their pens for voting wars

Will the winner be decided for good once the polls close on Tuesday? Or will the loser cry foul and send the lawyers into battle?
Pile of money
How do you feel about out of state groups giving money to influence California initiatives? Do you think this trend will start in other states?
Tea Party Express Holds Demonstration In Albany
It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself to be political or not, in today’s world it is basically impossible to escape the political discussion. And in the digital era, now Facebook has become the premiere haven for political commentary.
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