AirTalk for November 6, 2012


Voting in the swing states

How does the responsibility of choosing our next president weigh on their citizens? We’ll get an update from polls across the country
U.S. Citizens Head To The Polls To Vote In Presidential Election
Since California is already decided, do you feel left out? Do you wish our state was more competitive?
Voters Head To Polls On Super Tuesday

What’s the proper polling place etiquette?

Is it unethical to advertise your political preferences at the voting booth? How far is too far when it comes to polling place promotion?
Maryland Governor O'Malley Signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill Into Law

Round-up of hot-button issues at the state level

What’s the lay of the land across the country? What are the chances of some of these propositions and measures passing or failing?
Larry Mantle and Michael Feinstein

Michael Feinstein on conducting and composers

Feinstein, the new lead conductor of the Pasadena Pops joins Larry in the studio to discuss his new book and his relationship to the Gershwins.
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