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California voters say yes to raising sales tax, no to ending death penalty

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Los Angeles Unified school teacher David Goldberg wears an Obama mask at a rally to support Proposition 30 on November 5, 2012 in Panorama City, California. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

While California didn’t figure into the presidential vote as much as Ohio did, we still had an array of important state and local ballot measures to sort through. Voters in California approved Proposition 30, Governor Jerry Brown’s initiative to raise sales and income taxes to help balance the state budget, but rejected its rival, Proposition 38, sponsored by Molly Munger.  

Other measures that went down in flames include Props 32, which was aimed at preventing the political influence of unions and 37, the labeling of genetically engineered foods initiative. The highly contested Prop 34, which would have replaced the death penalty with life without parole, was defeated by almost 6 points. Success stories? Voters revised the toughest three-strikes law in the country by approving Prop 36.

In L.A. County, a bill requiring adult film stars to wear condoms passed 56% to 44%. Democrats in California have also picked up a supermajority in both houses of the state legislature, an unexpected outcome that gives the party an upper hand over state Republicans.

Which propositions were most important to you?  What do you think yesterday’s results mean for the state? With the success of Proposition 30, will we finally see an end to California’s budget woes?



Julie Small, KPCC’s Sacramento Reporter

Tom Del Beccaro, Chairman of the California Republican Party

Dave Low, head of California School Employees Association (CSEA)

Jackie Lacey, Incoming District Attorney for Los Angeles County

Tony Rackauckas, District Attorney for Orange County

Gil Garcetti, Yes on 34 campaign; former District Attorney of Los Angeles

Grant Lundberg, co-chair Yes on 37 California Right to Know campaign; third generation family farmer and CEO of Lundberg Family Farms

Diane Duke, executive director, Free Speech Coalition

Zev Yaroslavsky, Los Angeles County Supervisor representing the Third District

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