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The 'Petraeus moment' – dealing with workplace temptations

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CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus resigned from his post on November 9, 2012, citing an extra-marital affair with Paula Broadwell. Handout/Getty Images

While many details remain unclear in the David Petraeus scandal, we know he spent many working hours in the close company of Paula Broadwell. Their shared interest in the military and defense policy, as well as an equal passion for vigorous fitness seemed too irresistible and spurred an extramarital affair.

Few people can relate to the high-stakes, international repercussions of the latest headline infidelity, but what about the seduction of everyday workplace affairs? We spend more time in the office with our "work spouses" than we do at home – with shared goals, company values and endless workplace socials.

So how do you avoid an office scandal?  Have you ever been in a work situation that threatened to turn romantic?  How did you handle it? Or, do you have an aboveboard relationship with your work spouse – platonic, but exciting and satisfying in other ways?


Jack Balswick, Senior Professor of Sociology and Family Development in Fuller Theological Seminary’s Department of Marriage and Family, in Fuller's School of Psychology

Judith Balswick,  Senior Professor of Marital and Family Therapy, Department of Marriage and Family, in Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of Psychology; she is a licensed marriage and family therapist

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