AirTalk for November 14, 2012

Trying to juice the ‘lame duck’ session: Obama faces the nation in first press conference in months



US President Barack Obama speaks during Veterans' Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery November 11, 2012 in Arlington, Virginia.

Newly-re-elected President Barack Obama  stepped up to the podium today to lay out his agenda for the remainder of his first term, and set the stage for his second.  Although Mr. Obama has held several shorter press events over the last several months, much has transpired since March 6th and reporters are eager to pose their questions about topics like the makeup of his new cabinet, how he plans to steer away from the fiscal cliff, the Benghazi attacks that claimed the lives of four Americans and the developing sex scandal that led to last week’s surprise resignation of CIA director David Petraeus.

In other news from the capitol, California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi announced that she’ll be continuing as Democratic party leader. 


David Mark, editor-in-chief of Politix

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