AirTalk for November 19, 2012

What role should the United States play in this conflict? How important is the relationship between the U.S. and Israel – does it warrant unqualified support?
Heat Wave Brings Triple Digit Temperatures To Southern California

L.A. union opposes proposed half-cent sales tax

The sales tax increase would generate $215 million. How would a half-cent sales tax hike impact Los Angeles?
Rose Bowl
Should the Rose Bowl host 25 events a year? That’s an ordinance the Pasadena City Council is considering in a public hearing tonight.
Nativity Scene
Who should have the right to set up opinionated or religious displays in public spaces? Is the City of Santa Monica obstructing free speech by banning all the displays?
Kamala Harris

California AG Kamala Harris’s human trafficking report

Last Friday, California Attorney General Kamala Harris released her report “The State of Human Trafficking in California 2012.”
Is there a line being crossed when it comes to drawing attention to users who post racist or homophobic things online?
Anheuser-Busch Agrees To Increased Offer From Belgian Company InBev
How does unparalleled success change a business - and the family that runs it? What can American businesses do to compete in the world economy?
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