AirTalk for November 20, 2012

Kabul Military Training Center
Four Southern California men have been arrested as suspects in an alleged terrorist plot. The men allegedly conspired to kill Americans overseas by joining al-Qaida.
Papa John's 3000th North American Store Celebration
Just how will the Affordable Care Act affect America’s small business owners and their employees? Will it change how you manage your business?
Mercer 19705
How can Grover Norquist fit into the new normal in Washington? Will raising taxes help or hinder America’s financial woes?
What social and environmental concerns should the city take into consideration as it prepares to facilitate up to a dozen NFL games per year?

Why is it important to play fair?

Is equal opportunity as “fair” as unilateral equal treatment? These questions and more, in Stephen Asma's new book, "Against Fairness."
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