AirTalk for November 22, 2012

Have you ever wondered what the hotel concierge says about you behind your back? Now you can find out what goes on behind the scenes of the hospitality industry.

The American dream captured by Maynard L. Parker

The work of prolific photographer Maynard L. Parker exemplifies modern photography. His work can now be enjoyed in a new collection from curator Jennifer A. Watts.

The man who made American Indians live forever

Edward Curtis, armed only with a camera and a sixth-grade education, managed to make an invaluable contribution to American history and photography.
Street vendors are appealing to the community for support in legalizing the sale of food like bacon-wrapped hotdogs and fresh fruit on L.A. streets.
Mercer 19954

Popularity in high school pays off later in life

New research that finds that popular high school students earn more than their freaks and geeks counterparts decades after graduation.

Salman Khan’s education revolution

In 2004, Sal Khan was a successful hedge fund manager in Boston who had started remotely tutoring his young cousin in New Orleans when the “aha” moment occurred. What started with his young protégé’s need for a little help with her math homework has exploded into called the Khan Academy, now the world’s most popular online learning website with five million unique visitors a month, a million page views a day and over 650 million exercises completed.
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