AirTalk for November 26, 2012

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court will evaluate workplace harassment in the context of supervision and determine who qualifies as a supervisor.
Deasy walks campus

Big Man on Campus: LAUSD’s Superintendent John Deasy

LAUSD’s John Deasy heads back to his office with a lot of decisions to make after Proposition 30 passed on the November ballot.
It’s the stuff of wartime spy thrillers -- the body of a secret agent is found under mysterious circumstances, with a coded message that defies cracking by experts.
A woman looks at her email on a computer

E-mail privacy reforms cause back-and-forth on Capitol Hill

What are the concerns for those who want the ECPA to stay as is? What about those calling for reform?
San Francisco Patients Smoke Marijuana
Should students be subjected to drug-testing programs their parents opt into? Do programs like CADRE violate children’s privacy rights?
Alan Eisenstock’s "Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made" follows how two kids, from Ocean Springs, Mississippi who remade ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’
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