AirTalk for November 27, 2012

House Members-Elect Pose For Group Photo At The U.S. Capitol
With each passing day, the pressure increases on Capitol Hill politicians to reach a compromise on the budget. What lies ahead in the month before the deadline?
Debate Rages On Prescription Status For "Plan B" Pill
Should teens have access to emergency contraceptives? How should doctors approach sexual activity and sex education with young patients?
The job outlook has improved slightly, but millions are still looking. With so many dependent on federal programs, how will the cutoff affect California’s economy?
Barry Bonds Sentenced On Obstruction Of Justice Conviction
Baseball writers of America will have some tough choices this January, when two of the game’s most accomplished and polarizing figures become eligible for entry to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Still afraid of bird flu? Black plague? David Quammen explores the history and mysteries of animal infections and human pandemic in his new book “Spillover.”
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