AirTalk for December 4, 2012

LA Port Strike
Is it fair and reasonable for the unions to shut down one of the country’s busiest ports in an effort to gain leverage? How damaging is such a strike to the U.S. economy?
The AP is opting for something that it sees as more neutral, such as “anti-gay,” to describe a comment or action, but avoid attributing a motive
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Who's responsible for L.A.'s stormwater pollution?

L.A.’s water comes from nine watersheds, flowing through miles of interconnected pipes, channels and drains to the ocean.
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Does off-label drug marketing qualify as free speech?

Who should decide what a drug is for: the manufacturer, or the government? Have you ever taken a prescription drug for an off-label purpose?
How to Create a Mind
How will future technology help or hurt humankind? What ways can artificial intelligence improve our lives?
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