AirTalk for December 5, 2012

Dark day on the streets of Cairo



Egyptian protesters shout slogans in Cairo's landmark Tahrir square on November 30, 2012, as they protest against a decree by President Mohamed Morsi granting himself broad powers that shield his decisions from judicial review.

It’s been characterized as the worst protest in Egypt since the revolution in early 2011. Fierce clashes erupted outside the presidential palace between supporters and opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood party. The opposition to President Mohammed Morsi are demanding an aboutface a week after he gave himself powers to push through work on the country’s constitution.

Morsi sought to appease critics by scheduling a referendum, but today’s violence show the political crisis to be deepening. AirTalk speaks with a reporter who witnessed the worst of today’s demonstrations.


Sharif Abdel Kouddous, Independent Journalist who was at the scene of today’s protests in Cairo


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