AirTalk for December 7, 2012


Royal radio prank culminates in apparent suicide of nurse

Should radio hosts and celebrity pranksters be held morally culpable for any ensuing chaos? If Greig and Christian work in the U.S., would their licenses be revoked?
Mercer 20573

Bad Yelp review? Tell it to the judge

Should online reviews require verification, and if so, how would it be done? Does the law protect businesses that have been maligned online?
Same Sex Marriage Advocates Rally At San Francisco Court Hearing

SCOTUS to hear Prop 8 and Defense of Marriage Act cases

In an unexpected move, the Supreme Court of the United States decided to hear two court cases about same-sex marriage, including the challenge to California Prop 8.
"Hyde Park On Hudson" Premiere -  50th New York Film Festival
Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Peter Rainer from the Christian Science Monitor and Lael Loewenstein from Variety to review the week’s new film releases including Hyde Park on Hudson, Playing for Keeps, and more. TGI-FilmWeek!
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