AirTalk for December 11, 2012

Right To Work Michigan

Michigan faces union opposition to right-to-work legislation

Do you think unions have too much clout, or do they provide a necessary balance of power between corporations and workers?
Would Lieu’s proposed law deter parolees who consider breaking loose from their GPS bracelets? Should parole violation be considered a felony?
LAPD Pee Wee Football - 5

Are contact sports too costly a liability for schools?

How might holding primary insurance companies liable for legal fees change high-risk sports in the big leagues and in lower levels?
Mystery Spacecraft

Unmanned space drone takes flight for secretive mission

What purpose could unmanned space planes serve in the future? Is drone technology the best way to test equipment?

Shaping the business of legal marijuana

How will Washington and Colorado dole out licenses for marijuana production, processing and retail sale? Which state board will oversee the new marijuana economy?

What's next for space exploration?

Is commercial flight important to the future of space exploration? How are astronauts preparing for new developments in their field?
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