AirTalk for December 12, 2012

Patt Morrison asks the chief, LAPD’s Charlie Beck

Charlie Beck

Lily Mihalik/KPCC

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck in the KPCC Studios.

It’s time for Ask the Chief, your opportunity to put your law and order questions to top cop Chief Charlie Beck. Patt gets the latest on how the department is dealing with accusations of racial profiling, the challenge of expanding the department to 10,000 officers amid budget cuts, and how Mayor Villaraigosa’s new city ID card law will impact crime among illegal immigrants. Chief Beck will also discuss the murder cases at an Echo Park Church in November, and the quadruple homicide in Northridge just a week and a half ago.Looking to the future, Chief Beck will analyze evolving policing policies in Skid Row, as well as the impact of Prop 36 on prison populations and crime rates. And as always, you can ask the Chief your questions as well.


Charlie Beck, Los Angeles Police Department Chief

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