AirTalk for December 12, 2012

Is ignition interlock an appropriate punishment for DUI offenders? Is it effective?
Charlie Beck

Patt Morrison asks the chief, LAPD’s Charlie Beck

Patt gets the latest on how the department is dealing with accusations of racial profiling, the challenge of expanding the department to 10,000 officers amid budget cuts, and how Mayor Villaraigosa’s new city ID card law will impact crime among illegal immigrants.

President Obama recognizes Syrian allies and enemies

What’s next for Syria? What should the U.S.’s role be in assisting the Syrian Opposition Coalition?
Piano man Randy Newman is being inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame, it was announced yesterday, along with the likes of Quincy Jones, Lou Adler and Donna Summer.
19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations

SAG award nominations unveiled

Awards season officially kicked off this morning with the release of the Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations. We have the scoop on who got the nods and who got snubbed.

Santa’s pipe censored by Vancouver author

Is McColl’s version of “T'was The Night” in line with 21st century ideals? Does it matter whether or not Santa smokes a pipe?
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