AirTalk for December 17, 2012

First Funerals Held For Victims Of CT Elementary School Massacre
The mourning process has begun in Newtown, Connecticut following the mass murder of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday.
Gun sales are up in California
The recent massacre in Newtown, Connecticut has reignited the gun control debate in the United States to a height rarely seen, but whether or not the debate will result in any legislative action remains to be observed.
Students and police watch teachers, pare

LAPD to make presence felt on LAUSD campuses

In light of the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck is making security at LAUSD schools his top priority.
'Beasts of the Southern Wild' movie poster
What’s ahead for “Beasts of the Southern Wild” and director Benh Zeitlin as Oscar nominations approach? Does the film deserve any Academy Awards?

The Missing Ink: is handwriting a dying art?

Is the loss of handwriting worth mourning, or should we embrace type for its legibility and ease?
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