AirTalk for December 24, 2012

 John Boehner
After House speaker Rep. John Boehner was unable to convince members of his own party who staunchly oppose tax increases to back his ‘Plan B’ legislation last week, Obama said he still wants a bill that requires the wealthiest American to pay more.
National Rifle Association Holds News Conference In Wake Of Newtown School Shooting

The NRA shoots from the hip

Has the NRA painted itself in a corner? Is there any logical way out? Which plan is more realistic?
Peter Jackson’s latest film, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” has garnered a lot of attention, not all of it has been positive.
graphic showing traces of collision

Looking back at the top Science Stories of 2012

Exotic particles made headlines again and again in 2012, making it no surprise that the scientific breakthrough of the year was a big physics finding in a small package.
Medical Marijuana

Gavin Newsom speaks up for legal marijuana in California

Should California adopt marijuana laws that more accurately reflect citizen’s attitudes towards the drug? What difference would such laws make, considering marijuana’s current status in the state?
mile of christmas trees postcard

Holiday tipping: Does Santa deserve 20 percent?

Do you treat the people who work for you to something extra during the holidays? When it comes to employees and service people, is money more appropriate than a thoughtful gift?
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