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North and South: will Hollywood or Silicon Valley win the battle over America’s movie money?

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The freshly painted Hollywood sign is seen after a press conference to announce the completion of the famous landmark's major makeover on December 4, 2012 in Hollywood, California. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

This is one in a series of year-end stories that look back at the most memorable pieces KPCC reporters worked on in 2012 and look ahead at a key issue that will be the focus of coverage in the coming year.

Two of California's most important industries are having a little problem: They can't get along. And they may never get along.  Hollywood is the world's entertainment capital. Silicon Valley is the world's technology capital. Hollywood is Southern California and "laid back" Los Angeles while the Valley is Northern California and the nerdy, youthful energy of hundred of San Francisco Bay Area startups. There are riches to be had in both realms. But Hollywood has been making people rich for a century. It’s old money. It’s mansion and Malibu. Silicon Valley’s riches are much, much newer. And no one cares about how big your house is. It’s all about how big your brain is. Despite that, both Hollywood and Silicon Valley realize that they need each other.



Matt DeBord, KPCC business reporter, writes The DeBord report

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