AirTalk for December 26, 2012

On Monday in upstate New York a man who was once convicted of manslaughter, ambushed and killed two firefighters before turning the gun on himself. Convicted felons are not allowed to own firearms, so the question is – how did William Spengler obtain his arsenal of weapons?
Two of California's most important industries are having a little problem: They can't get along. And they may never get along.
While America is home to some harsh critics of France, it might have gained a few new supporters, particularly amongst those who are still in school.
President Obama and Family Spend Holidays In Hawaii

What will be the cost of Obama's Affordable Care Act?

8.2 million California currently lack health insurance. Many hope that will change when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rolls out in 2014, but it’s almost anyone’s guess what the final bill will be for California.In 2010, state officials said it would cost California$2.7 billion annually.
Vladimir Gusinsky's Political Television Program NTV

Too sexy for my office? Iowa woman fired for being ‘too attractive’

Should employers be able to fire anyone they deem “irresistible,” even if the person being fired has shown absolutely no interest in pursuing a relationship?
"Les Miserables" New York Premiere

Les Mis and the future of movie musicals:

The highly anticipated musical-cum-movie Les Miserables opened yesterday, breaking box office records for the highest advance ticket sales for a Christmas day release and taking in $18 million in one day.
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