AirTalk for December 27, 2012


Fiscal cliffhanger: What’s the holdup?

With only five days to go before ‘Cliffaggeddon,’ President Barack Obama cut his Christmas vacation short and flew back to the capitol to try to broker a deal.
L.A. Event Center and NFL Stadium Press Conference

Next year’s big story: will the NFL come to LA?

Everyone in Los Angeles was excited to see a new ownership team take over the Dodgers in 2012, so looking forward to 2013, all eyes are on the NFL. L.A. has been without a football team since the Raiders moved back to Oakland in 1995.
Credit Score Dating

Is your credit score a dating deal breaker?

A partner with a bad credit score can prevent a couple from buying a home, drive up rent for an apartment application, or make the difference between high or low cell phone bills or car insurance rates. Do you consider your date’s credit score when dating?
Gun Owners Map
Should gun permit information be readily accessible? Is the map useful even if it can’t track unlicensed gun owners, or long gun owners?
CIA Director Petraeus And Director Of Nat'l Intel. Clapper Testify To House Committee

Biggest failures and flops of 2012

Who do you think ended 2012 with egg on his or her face? What companies came out with products that just didn’t cut it for you…or anyone? Which politicians lost their dignity along with the vote this year? Give us a call and let us know your “favorite” failure or flop of 2012.
Mercer 14456

Life on another planet not far, far away...maybe

What is the likelihood that this new planet has life on it? How did the scientists find it in the first place?
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