AirTalk for December 31, 2012

Budget Negotiations Continue in Face of Fiscal Cliff Deadline

Fiscal cliff watch

How can the federal government dream of tackling the big problems facing the US when lawmakers can’t seem capable of basic compromise, even with the financial well-being of taxpayers hanging in the balance?

Tribune out of bankruptcy; what’s next for the L.A. Times?

Will dismantling the behemoth Tribune company and returning hometown ownership to its struggling dailies improve their outlook?

My New Year's resolutions for the high & mighty

If you could recommend resolutions for just about anyone or anything to make 2013 a golden year, what would be top of the list?

Chinese elderly can sue their children for lack of visits

What would you do if you were required by law to visit your parents?
People Look At Apollo 11 Exhibit The Day Of Neil Armstrong Funeral

Neil Armstrong’s famous phrase called into question

It might have been one small step for man, but Neil Armstrong’s historic quote is causing a giant stir over forty years after the fact. That’s because in a recent documentary for the BBC, Armstrong’s brother reveals that the phrase, which the astronaut always claimed was improvised, was actually prepared days in advance.
The Law of Superheroes
Authors James Daily and Ryan Davidson closely explore the legal reality of super fiction in their new book, “The Law of Superheroes.”
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