AirTalk for January 2, 2013

How will this deal affect the middle class? What about those who rely on entitlement programs? And does this deal really add up to make any noticeable dent in the country’s deficit?
View of the Oxford American College dict
What words, phrases and twitterisms are you sooo over? Call in and tell us - YOLO!
US Secretary of the Treasury Timothy F.

Another fiscal cliffhanger coming in February

Will more debt hurt already fragile economic growth?Why didn’t the Fiscal Cliff deal resolve this issue? Why does the US Government need to borrow trillions of dollars simply to pay its bills? And why is the actual deadline so nebulous?
San Fernando Valley nature lovers and environmental groups say the Army Corps Of Engineers recently cleared too much vegetation from the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Area.

What’s the secret to keeping a New Year’s resolution?

Do you have trouble making or breaking habits? What are your plans for keeping your resolutions this year?
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