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Tablet tech talk

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A Nexus 7 tablet is shown at the Google Developers Conference as developer Brad McManus tries out the new device on June 27, 2012 in San Francisco, California. Mathew Sumner/Getty Images

An estimated 122 million tablet computers were sold in 2012. Yet they’re still not as functional as a laptop computer for everyday computing, or as good as a cell phone for texting and talking.

Given the tablet’s already-immense popularity, and the huge predicted growth in the tablet market, guessing right on the next step in its evolution will likely mean a huge financial windfall and industry dominance to whichever computer-maker gets it right. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be Apple, whose share of the tablet market is dipping down towards 50 percent.

Who will get the next generation of tablet computer right? Why are tablets so popular in an era of amazing smart phones and superpowered laptops? What makes your tablet useful to you?


Dan Ackerman, Senior Editor for CNET

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