AirTalk for January 7, 2013

US Democratic presidental candidate Bara

Obama nominates Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense

Today, President Barack Obama has nominated Chuck Hagel to serve in his cabinet as Secretary of Defense. Hagel, a Republican and former Senator from Nebraska, would be the first enlisted soldier and veteran from Vietnam if he secures the position.
LA Mayor And Sen. Boxer Hold News Conference Asking Congress To Pass Legislation Funding Road Projects

Does LA need a $3 billion road repair bond?

Two Southern California Councilmen have proposed a 20-year property tax increase to generate $3 billion dollars to repair city streets.
Young Son With His Career-Minded Mother

How telecommuting splits, stretches and eats your time

Even when telecommuting seems to work there are still problems.
Homeless Belongings5

Sacramento considers Homeless Person's Bill of Rights

Legislation proposed by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco could protect California’s homeless population from discrimination. The Assembly Bill 5, better known as the “Homeless Bill of Rights” would give legal protection to homeless people who engage in life-sustaining activities on public property.

NHL finally readies to drop the puck

Will you be eager for a return to center ice? Or has hockey lost your attention for good? What is in the new collective bargaining agreement and was it worth the wait? Are the Kings ready to defend the title?
Huell Howser amidst the poppies, California's Gold.

Huell Howser, iconic host of 'California's Gold,' dies

What will you remember most about Huell? What is your favorite memory of Huell Howser?
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