AirTalk for January 8, 2013

Connecticut Community Copes With Aftermath Of Elementary School Mass Shooting

Should the names of mass killers be concealed?

Mass shootings have become more common in recent years; there were 16 in 2012 alone. These massacres spark standard examinations of gun control laws and mental health concerns, but have also inspired a dialogue about how the media should cover mass violence.
LA -Area Beach Rated Worst In The Nation For Water Quality

Environmentalists lose out to Los Angeles government

Local governments in Los Angeles scored a victory today over environmentalists in the Supreme Court. The issue at hand was runoff from L.A.’s storm water sewer system. Groups such as the Natural Resources Defense Council Inc. and Santa Monica Baykeeper were accusing Los Angeles County of violating the Clean Water Act.

Echoes of our ancestors: traditional vs. modern societies

What remnants of human societies past still linger in our modern DNA? Which have been lost to us, possibly forever? What do these changes mean to our collective future?
Should California be forced to comply with the federal ruling? How can the state balance its overcrowded prisons with the need for public safety?
Disney is deploying more technology to boost your experience in the Magical Kingdom and are rolling out an app called MyMagic+ to create a more personalized visit.
Premiere Of Focus Features' "ParaNorman" - Pre-Party
How did first-time screenwriter Butler craft the unusual story? What did each director bring to the table? How did marrying stop motion techniques with the new technology of 3D printing bring the characters to life?
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