AirTalk for January 14, 2013

Biden Meets With Pro-Gun Groups In Washington

Setting sights on practical solutions to gun violence

The federal government has had a no-gun-sale database since 1998. California maintains its own Armed Prohibited Persons list. Yet millions of mentally ill people remain unlisted, ostensibly still able to purchase firearms legally. Vice President Biden’s task force to reduce gun violence has focused on improving the effectiveness of such databases.
A beach closed sign warns against contam
The LACFD is proposing an annual fee of approximately $54 a year for homes, $600 for city parks, and $8,000 for elementary schools to help pay for cleanup of stormwater runoff.

Are China’s 'little emperors' an economic drag?

Ever since China enacted its one-child policy, negative stereotypes have been used in association with the rise of the country’s “Little Emperors.” These only children are marked as being lazy, spoiled and prone to tantrums. While that may not sound so different from our perception of only children in the United States, there is different weight to China’s situation as it is an entire nation of only children.
Britney Spears Eats Fast Food

POLL: What's the right minimum wage for California?

What are the economics of a modern minimum wage? How does California compare to the rest of the country?
Del Aire Public Fruit Park

Los Angeles gets state’s first public fruit park

Figurative seeds have been planted for a fruit park in Del Aire that may mark a change in the way communities approach and use public space.
modern family
If you’ve been keeping close tabs on TV’s midseason, what are you most excited for? And what more do ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox have to do get you to tune in?
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