AirTalk for January 17, 2013

Discover BCS National Championship - Notre Dame v Alabama

Manti Te’o: Lies, damn lies, and fake girlfriends

Manti Te’o’s herculean performance on the football field following the twin tragedies of his grandmother and girlfriend dying within days of one another vaulted him to national prominence. Why did Te’o fail to disclose he never met the girl face-to-face? How was he able to speak so convincingly of meeting this non-existent girlfriend, and of the depth of their connection?
Discover BCS National Championship - Media Day
How did media outlets from Indiana’s South Bend Tribune to CBS, ESPN and the Associated Press take this bizarre fabrication, based largely on Tweets, hearsay and other writers’ stories, and run the full nine yards with it?
A woman uses her smart phone to acces Fa

Is social media giving users crippling FOMO?

Is social media causing more anxiety than happiness? Does interacting with sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give you FOMO? How should users handle their fear of missing out – is logging off the only solution?
Obama And Biden Unveil Proposal To Decrease Gun Violence In U.S.

Truth and consequence of firearms mental health registries

Obama's administration wants to strengthen the effectiveness of mental health registries used to stop firearms sales to potentially violent individuals, a debate that's familiar to psychologists and psychiatrists.
After two incidents with lithion ion batteries that caused a small fire and the smell of smoke, regulators around the world have grounded Boeing’s newest widebody jet. Europe, India and Japan grounded 787s on Thursday following the U.S. FAA’s grounding of the planes on Wednesday.
Critics tell Dunham to put some clothes on, but fans of the show’s famously-awkward sexual scenarios have spoken up in defense of Dunham, her body, and the creative choice to focus on sex for the sake of sex, rather than what some have called “the gaze.”
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