AirTalk for January 21, 2013

Barack Obama Sworn In As U.S. President For A Second Term

President Obama’s second inauguration

Today marks President Barack Obama’s second inaugural address. While the first time was certainly a historic moment, not just for the man but for the whole country, this one marks a momentous occasion as well. Obama just fought his way through a nasty election cycle to secure his second term, and the country has a very important four years ahead of it.
House Democrats Announce New Legislation To Eliminate Debt Federal Ceiling

GOP about-face on debt ceiling sequel

Congress will vote Wednesday on a bill to extend the limit for the U.S. debt ceiling that will allow the deadline to be postponed until May 18.

Critical time for flu bug in California

Should you get a flu shot? How many times a day should you wash your hands to stay reasonably safe? Is it silly or effective to wear surgical masks in public places? How can people die from a disease as common as the flu in 2013? And how do researchers create new vaccines to protect us from next year’s flu bug?
LA Mayor Villaraigosa Uses Airport Scanner At LAX

TSA to replace 'naked image' scanners

The TSA effectively has carte blanche to be all up in your junk, or to at least look at pictures of it, before you get on an airplane. But the federal agency announced on Friday that it will stop using the kind of x-ray body scanners that produced the anatomically revealing images of passengers at security checkpoints in airports.

The soundtrack for social change

Sullivan interviewed dozens of artists, including Len Chandler – who, along with Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, galvanized the crowd at the 1963 March on Washington – Buffy Sainte-Marie, Solomon Burke, Yoko Ono, Janis Ian and Richie Havens. And she asks the question, where have the voices of protest gone in today’s music? What forces – social, political and corporate – have conspired to silence the sounds of freedom, justice and equality?
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